Enchanted Forest

A kid-friendly family theme park with storybook characters and amusement rides that closed in 2005.

About this Property

Reason for Abandonment

The Enchanted Forest was a kiddie-land amusement park on Route 3 in Hope Valley, Hopkinton RI. As most kids in RI, I went to it as a child. They had a “StoryBook Land” where plastic (ceramic?) sculptures of Fairy Tale stories came to life. They had the House that Jack Built (all lopsided) and Humpty Dumpty on a wall, and a bunch of other stuff I can barely remember… the 3 Little Pig House, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, the Old Lady who lived in a Shoe’s house was a slide, etc…

The park wasn’t demolished as much as it was left to rot and allow nature to overcome it. The sign that was once in the parking lot is gone. Most of the rides were sold when the park was closed in 2005, and anything left became part of the forest once again. The property is PRIVATE and therefore we strongly recommend that no one explore here anymore.


Pieced together from a few internet sources

The Enchanted Forest opened in June 17, 1972 as a fairy tale themed village theme park for kids. The park was created by Marcus Jones and Philip Herlle. There was a small petting zoo with goats, lambs, rabbits, baby cows, peacocks, llamas, ponies you could ride and more.

Hoping to avoid the roadside tourist-trap image, they built The Enchanted Forest around a pond, with waterfalls at either end. They preserved trees, shrubs and protected mountain laurels. Chariho1 High School vocational students built the displays and buildings. The rides that came over time included bumper cars, swirling teacups, a Ferris Wheel, The Scrambler, and others. A go-kart track and mini-golf course figured prominently next to the parking lot.

Harold Fera, owner of Rockwell Amusements and the last owner-operator of the Forest, decided to close the park in 2005 due to year over year low attendance. Fera said, “It’s very hard for amusement parks to survive with the economy in this region,” particularly short-season parks.

  1. Chariho is a portmanteau that stands for the three “Charleston Richmond Hopkington” towns in Rhode Island.