Primo Art Company

A small but charming red square building in various states of repair and neglect over the years

About this Property

Current Events

This is a C4-zoned industrial 0.13 acre lot with a small, two-story cinder-block building from the early 1930s with 3200 sf of interior space. It is of simple, economical construction with a flat roof and large metal-rail divided windows. The building has been under many owners — or had many tenants — since 2000.

The building was recently purchased and is being renovated for a personal live/work studio.


This building does not appear on Sanborn Insurance maps from 1920-1921, but does appear on a G.M. Hopkins map from 1937. That’s how we estimate its build date between 1920 and 1937.

The original owner/builder was Primo Art Company, a producer of plaster and cast stone objects. Another company, Pilz Limited, moved in and shared the space from 1950 until 1970. After 1970, Primo Art moved out and Pilz became the primary occupant of the space until 1990. Pilz must have been a silver designer, because they most notably made the Kentucky Derby trophy. Public records are scarce between 1990 and 2010, but from 2011 to about 2016 there were many pop-up gallery shows in the space.

  • Was the home to Regal Reptiles until 2005
  • Was the location of “Pattern Party” in January, 2015 — under the name “The Yolk Warehouse”
  • Was the location of “Laugh Track” in December, 2018
  • Was the location of “Yukon Gold” in September, 2018
  • Was the location of a RISD Student show called “Birds of Prey” in 2018
  • Was the home to Pneuhaus, LLC, who later moved to Rumford. They create inflatable event structures and furniture