Rhode Island Credit Union

A new bank construction done in a classical form on Smith Hill steps away from the State House.

About this Property

Design Reception

This small construction project in early 2005 flew under the radar while large high-rise towers took all the attention. The nearby Masonic Temple was underway as well, and this small bank building replaced a few homes that were decaying as the VMA stood next door and plans for the Temple caught speed.

The bank is nice enough, though oddly similar to the State House in some ways. It is classically inspired with a central entrance, projecting portico, and greek-revival columns. For a modern flair, though, the columns are steel-capped with minimal detail. The building overall has a temple-like shape in a cast stone finish. Large panels of glass open up what might otherwise be a very dark building, as two sides are completely windowless. A round structure protrudes a little bit from double-hip roof, which gives the illusion that there might have been a dome. Instead, it almost plays a trick on the eye by supporting the State House dome when standing at the right angle.