Sears Department Store

One of the last big box stores on North Main Street, closed since the mid-to-late 90s. Demolished in 2014 to become infill for a parking lot.

About this Property

#Reason for Demolition

The reasons here were easy — neglect, deferred maintenance, and then water/mold issues. The store had been empty for about 10 years before Miriam hospital used the basement portion (accessible from the back side) as their Cardiac Center. Mold issues forced them out, and they built a new Cardiac Center and office complex down the hill in the shopping complex in early 2008. The parking lot in the rear of the building was the only thing being used.

A redevelopment plan in the mid 2010s knocked this building down and along with the former Anderson Little and Duck Pin Bowling, a very large LA Fitness gym was built.

#Current Events

This lot is now part of the 300-space parking area for LA Fitness just over the line in Pawtucket. While this building was no treasure, the new LA Fitness seems like it was purpose-built to last exactly 10 years and then get torn down. We agree with GCPVD here — “As long as we view [North Main Street] as a place for our ugly things, it will remain a place for ugly things.”


No formal history. The building shows up in an aerial photo from 1951-52. Previous to that it was a different building. This section of North Main Street on the Pawtucket line is difficult to find on Sanborn Maps. Though we did find one Sanborn map from 1908 shows the Union Rail Road Company “Car Barn” at approximately this location.