Station 3, East Providence

An adorably symmetrical former fire station turned into a private residence in the early 2000s

About this Property


Plans to replace the 70-year-old-at-the-time station began in 1994.1 The station was deemed too small and new fire equipment would not continue to fit through its doors.

The new station at North Broadway and Greenwood Avenue — only a few blocks away but a very different address — now houses Engine Company 3, Ladder Company 3, and Hazmat 1. At the end of June, 2002, the City awarded a $2 million contract to DePasquale Building and Realty Co. of Johnston to construct the station. It was completed in 2002.2

Station 1, built at the same time as #3 and sharing the same architectural style, was saved from closing and continues to operate today (in 2022).

Current Events

This former Station 3 is now a private residence.


Two fire stations were built for East Providence in 1931 — this one, Station 3, and Station 1 at 913 Broadway. Both have the same architectural pattern and ornament consisting of a symmetrical design, row of arch-topped garage doors on the first floor, a row of rectangular windows across the second floor with a triple-group in the middle, topped with a stepped stone cornice. Ornament includes a stone band between floors and a cornice decorated with groups of five relief cast stone columns. Vertical quoins and brickwork top the windows with keystone-style elements at the center of the arches above the garage doors.

Each are handsome early-mid-century stations. The Broadway station has been expanded and remains in service while this smaller, mostly square plan station has been converted to a residence.

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