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12 properties

  • A simple Art Deco commercial building whose fate is uncertain now that its long-term tenant has moved out

    East Side | Built: ca. 1930 | Decade: 1930-1939

  • A handsome, if not crumbling, three story brick and granite five-sided commercial building at the gateway to Pawtucket’s Downtown

    Pawtucket, RI | Built: 1891 | Decade: 1890-1899

  • A former industrial building converted to a Benny’s department store and then converted to a strip mall

    East Side | Built: between 1939–1951 | Demolition: 2020 | Redeveloped: 2020–2021 | Decade: 1940-1949

  • Once the largest manufacturer of costume jewelry, this building was vacant in the 80s but then revived by Lifespan as their corporate headquarters

    Jewelry District | Built: 1929, 1947 | Redeveloped: circa 1990 | Decade: 1920-1929

  • A sweet little simple Art Deco brick gas station in the middle of the Hope Street commercial district. Probably contaminated and hard to subdivide, so it came down.

    East Side | Built: 1940s | Demolition: 2002 | Decade: 1940-1949

  • A striking black and cerulean blue Art Deco first floor facade adorns this commercial building along a historically significant portion of upper Westminster Street

    West Side | Built: 1899 | Redeveloped: 2001-2003 | Decade: 1890-1899

  • This former jewelry manufacturing building was converted to office use in the late 1970s and is now the Brown Medical School

    Jewelry District | Built: 1928 | Redeveloped: 2010–2011 | Decade: 1920-1929

  • This once ornate building was simplified in the 1920s and once again in the 2000s but has always been commercial space

    Pawtucket, RI | Built: 1888 | Redeveloped: 2009–2010 | Decade: 1880-1889

  • One of two remaining Sterling Streamliner diners manufactured in the late 1930s by the J.B. Judkins Company left in the country

    Pawtucket, RI | Built: 1941 | Redeveloped: 1987 | Decade: 1940-1949

  • A soon-to-be-100-year-old movie theater went through a tumultous rebirth over a decade, and may now yet again be on the brink of something new

    Cranston, RI | Built: 1924 | Redeveloped: 2001–2009 | Decade: 1920-1929

  • This 60 year-old Art Deco structure was vacated in 2000 for new digs across the highway. It stayed vacant for 6 years until a proposed condo structure took it down.

    Downtown Providence | Built: 1940s | Demolition: 2007 | Decade: 1940-1949

  • A nice, simple early 20th century building on a busy commercial corridor with some subtle Art Deco details

    East Side | Built: circa 1930s | Decade: 1930-1939