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Rhode Island College Professor Chester Smolski and his family donated a collection of about 8,000 images to the college in 2009, which can be browsed online.

  • An amazingly dense complex of mill structures dating from the mid-1800s and in use for over 100 years before succumbing to two large fires in the midst of plans to redevelop

    College Hill | Built: 1840–1873 | Demolition: 1971 | Decade: 1840-1849

  • A four-turned-five-story 19th-century commercial building goes residential to support 44 micro-lofts and a younger clientele

    Downtown Providence | Built: 1859, 1906 | Redeveloped: 2017–2018 | Decade: 1850-1859

  • A large 250,000 sf brick mill complex used for rubber manufacture over almost 100 years, now divided into office and retail space

    Jewelry District | Built: 1884—1926 | Redeveloped: Early 1980s | Decade: 1880-1889

  • A mystery! How long did this slender building along Charles Street and the Moshassuck river stand?

    Charles | Built: between 1900 and 1920 | Decade: 1900-1909

  • A small flatiron-style 19th century mill building right on the bank of the Moshassuck River in a formerly dense industrial area

    Charles | Built: 1871–1876 | Decade: 1870-1879

  • This 120-year old station has see fires and rehabilitation, but the remarkably handsome structure is still standing and useful and full of tenants

    Downtown Providence | Built: 1896-98 | Decade: 1890-1899