Stillman White Brass Foundry, Then & Now

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A charming flat-iron style building on Charles Street, built circa 1874, changed drastically in the past 50 years

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This charming structure was used by many businesses and had more than one address over time. Built for the Stillman White Brass Foundry, it was located at 1 Bark Street. Stillman Brass manufactured an anti-friction metal used to line machine bearings and remained here until 1949. When the 1971 photo was taken, it was the home of William R.M. Brown Co, Printers, and the address was 51 Mill Street. In the 1978 survey, it was located at 47 Charles Street.

In 1970, shortly before the photo was taken for the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) and Historic American Engineering Survey (HAER), Thomas Shola was the Peace and Freedom party candidate for mayor. He fell only 35,000 votes shy of beating incumbent Mayor Dooley, who won his third term.

In 1971-1972 it suffered a fire along with the neighboring American Screw Company complex and the north wall had collapsed. Because an urban redevelopment project had already been considered, and the fire leveled most of the significant buildings in the area, development of the newly vacant land continued.

In the 1980s, the structure was renovated and provided offices for the Research and Design Institute (REDE). REDE was a non-profit research institute focusing on energy conservation. The former foundry was refitted to conserve energy and, in the process, exterior alterations, such as the installation of new thermal windows, and the replacement of granite lintels with cement, were made.

Along with the Fletcher Manufacturing Company across the street and the remains of American Screw up the hill on the corner of North Main and Stevens Street, these are the survivors or the formerly-vast Randall Square industrial district. They stand as a symbol of the diversity and vitality of Providence’s industrial heritage.

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